About Atovi

Atovi is a filipino-invented product based on molecular alteration, nuclear reaction and nanotechnology. It is a feed premix powder made from vitamins and minerals. However, it is radically different from conventional feed premixes in the market. It has no medication and nutritional value due to molecular alteration making the final product with one long molecular chain with revolutionary effects on the physiology and immune system of livestocks.

Atovi’s high micropotential energy charges immediately the cells’ mitochondria ( cells power house) and immediately runs the atp pumps to run the kreb cycle (cells whole mechanism) that is, all cells of  all organs i.e. liver, kidneys, heart, intestinal tracts, muscles, bones, etc., at all levels of the animal, making normal cells efficient while the deteriorating and sickly cells are revitalized, rejuvenated and restored ultimately making them efficient too. Once the body cells are efficient, they automatically regenerate and increase the immune system and anti bodies.

Organic Aqua Feeds

Our organic aqua feeds deliver three (3) unique and distinct actions. The first action comes when the feeds are ingested. Just like with livestock the same action is performed on the cells of cultured fishes and crustaceans, i.e. making them more efficient. This results in lower feed intake but ensuring faster growth. Through the atovi effect their immune systems are enhanced minimizing risks to aquatic diseases and viral attacks. 

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