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The Philippine Atovi technology may also be applied on:

Flowering Plants

  • Mist-spray Atovi on the flowers every week preferably in the afternoon (5pm). Water also the plant base using the Dilution: 2 tbsp.Atovi : 1 Gallon of Water. 
  • To induce flowering, spray the buds and the plant base with Atovi in the afternoon every other day for 1-2 weeks. 
  • There is no harm if the whole plant is sprayed with the technology.

Herbs & Ornamental Plants

  • Seeds must be soaked first in water with the technology for two and a half hours (2 ½ hrs.) before sowing it.  Dilution:  1 tbsp Atovi : 1cup of water.  The dilution can be used many times for soaking. If there’s excess mixture (water & atovi), it can be used to condition the soil where it will be planted. Just water the planting hole with the said mixture. 
  • For one (1 week) spray Atovi every afternoon (preferably 5pm). Dilution: 2 tbsp. Atovi : 1 Gallon of Water.
  • After a week of every application, spray Atovi every late afternoon weekly.

Bonzai & Miniature Plants

  • Spray Atovi every week preferably in the afternoon (5pm). Dilution: 2 tbsp. Atovi : 1 Gallon of Water.
  • Wet the plant base, leaves and twigs.


  • Dip the cut end of the cuttings in Atovi.  2tbsp. Atovi : 1 Gallon of Water for 5 minutes before wrapping them in papers. 

Lawn Grass (Bermuda, Carabao, Frog Grass, etc)

  • Spray Atovi in the soil and mix them thoroughly before compacting them or make soil slabs. Dilution: 1 tbsp. Atovi : 1 Gallon of Water.
  • After a week, plant the grass on soil slabs and spray Atovi.
  • Spray every week preferably in the afternoon (5pm).
  • Remember: Before loading into sprayer, always filter the mixture (Atovi & water) to avoid clogged sprayer.
  • Good results are attained if technology is applied in the late afternoon.
  • Any other concern which was not mentioned here, please contact our office for assistance.

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