Natural Livestock Production


Natural Livestock Production

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Philippine Atovi Technology is applied to all stages of animal growing, from breeding to fattening. The technology applies to practically all animals: Hogs (Native, Boar, Gilts, Dry Sow, Pregnant Sow, Lactating Sow, Preweaning & Weanlings); Chicken (Broilers, Layers, Free Range & Gamefowl); Quail; Cattle; Ducks; Horse; Carabao; Buffalo; Lambs/Sheep; Goat; Ostrich; Rabbit and many others. The Philippine Atovi Technology can also be administered to Birds; Canine; Dogs & Cats; Hamster & other pets.

How does it work on animals?

Philippine Atovi Technology corrects and maintains the digestive system properly through highly charged & efficient cellular structure. Through this, all nutritional and medication inputs are absorbed and utilized properly and efficiently. Proof of this is the almost total absence of undigested proteins in the animal manure and the very low ammonia fumes which produce the foul odor ending up into a non-pathogenic & organic fecal waste and further decomposition is not needed.

Since all nutrients, i.e. protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. and medications are absorbed and utilized properly the animal’s internal organs and glands also perform effectively. This results in enhanced metabolism. Further, there is a marked decrease in feeds intake.

Philippine Atovi Technology induces natural detoxification or expulsion of harmful compounds or xenobiotics such as synthetic drugs, natural poisons and antibiotics on the cellular level making the products like meat, eggs and others free from antibiotic, chemical and medication residues. This is due to the highly charged cells' own digestive sub-organel cell the Lysosome and the cells’ sub-detoxifying organel called Perixesome that are performing efficiently so no residues left on the cellular level. With metabolism performing properly, the genetic potentials and performance, like that of the immune system, are strengthened. The animals have greater stamina. They do not easily contract diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. In cases when medications have to be administered such medicines are readily absorbed and utilized ensuring faster recovery. Mortality is significantly lessened.





Strong smell of manure due to undigested protein, waste must be fermented or decompose or treated with chemicals before use as organic fertilizer Less ammonia & eco-friendly animal waste, instant organic fertilizer for plants
High feed consumption, slow growing period Less feed consumption, efficient nutrient absorption & utilization for fast growth
Low feed conversion rate, late harvest High feed conversion rate, early harvest
High mortality, lower production rate Higher livability, higher production rate
Low quality of breeds Breeds getting better and better, breeding operations & genetic potentials enhanced
Low carcass percentage, less profit High carcass percentage, higher profit
Thick back fat Thin back fat, demand higher farm gate price due to superior meat quality
Meat with antibiotic & chemical residues Meat without traces of antibiotic & chemical residues, organic & safer to eat
Meat/Eggs/Milk with rancid smell & bad cholesterol Meat/Eggs/Milk-tastier with good cholesterol and without the rancid smell
Different brood size & weight Greater uniformity in litter/brood size & weight
Costly medication Minimal medication
Laborious & high operational expenses Farming made easy, organic, zero waste, & significant drop in cost of labor, water, electricity & manpower
Shorter laying period for egg laying animals Longer laying period, more profit
Longer molting period, significant drop in egg production Uninterrupted egg production even during the molting period
Lower hatchability percentage Higher hatchability percentage
Lower motility of boar High motility
Prone to scouring, pneumonia, FMD, foot rot,  anthrax, internal parasites, fowl pox, coryza, salmonellosis, fowl cholera, colibacillosis, bronchitis, bird flu, coccidiosis, and many others. Can combat & prevent all kinds of diseases due to high immune system 

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