Natural Crop Production



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Philippine Atovi Technology applies to all stages of growing plants and crops, from seed preparation and sowing to harvesting. It also converts soil into organic state in just 3 weeks, as well as charges and increase the population of beneficial bacteria in the soil.
The technology naturally protects the whole plant against harmful insects and diseases cause by virus, bacteria and fungus by making the cell wall tough and the whole cellular structure firm and compressed, while increasing its own immune system. Even extreme climate/temperature like frost cannot gravely affect or damage the plants.

Philippine Atovi Technology is applicable to all kinds of plants/crops: palay, vegetables, fruit trees, flowering plants, lawn grass, cutflowers, herbs & ornamental plants, forest trees, miniature tree (bonsai) and many others.

How does it works on plants and crops?

Atovi works on the whole cellular structure of plants by charging the plants cells to power up its cellular performance to increase its absorption and utilization of all the nutrients from the fertilizer, whether chemical or organic in form, and the nutrients available from the soil to sustain fast growth and high immune system, while simultaneously removing toxins, heavy metals and chemical residues on the cellular level of the plants. Thus, the process will make your plants healthy and the produce very clean, very organic and safe to eat, significant reduction of chemicals and heavy metals. With the continuous use of the technology, the sprayed plants become firm and are observed to be shunned by the pests. When plants are healthy, harmful insects never stay long. They wouldn’t enjoy biting firm plant tissues. Plus, it is more tolerant to diseases caused by virus, bacteria and fungus because robust plants have high immune system. That is why the right fertilizer for balanced nutrition is very important, as well as plant cells efficiency. Inefficient cells cannot absorb and utilize nutrients, and this will mean more fertilizer purchases.

Remember, with the right cultural management, right nutrition, and the right technology, crop production can be very simple and profitable.





Takes 3 years to bring back the organic state of soil Brings back the organic state of soil in 3 weeks
High production cost, low production rate Lower production cost, high production rate
Late harvest, slow growth due to slow absorption & utilization of fertilizer & soil nutrients Early harvest, fast growth due to better absorption & utilization of fertilizer & soil nutrients
Easily wilting Longer freshness
Beneficial microorganisms on the soil dies Increase & charged beneficial microorganisms in the soil
Weeds sharing nutrients with plants Prevent weeds from growing
Chemical flower & fruit inducer cannot be relied on Safe flower & fruit inducer
Not safe to eat due to heavy metals & chemical residues Safer organic produce, significant reduction of chemical & heavy metal residues
Uses high quantity of pesticide, insecticide & herbicide Significant reduction in the use of pesticide, insecticide & herbicide and only if needed.
Laborious & high operational expenses Farming made easy, truly organic farming
Prone to insect pests & many kinds of diseases Strong resistance against all kinds of disease,& insect pests

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