Natural Aquaculture Production



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Philippine Atovi Technology is applied to all stages of aquaculture production in fresh water, brackish water and marine pen & cage culture, from breeding to transporting live.  It can be used in maintaining nursery pond and grow - out pond, and suitable to all major growth areas like modified extensive pond culture, semi-intensive pond culture and intensive culture.
Philippine Atovi Technology maintain the good quality of water with enough supply of dissolved oxygen and natural food, while increasing the immune system of the fish, seaweeds and shellfish to protect itself against viral and fungal infection, bacteria and other parasites. In polluted water with very high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, the technology immediately neutralizes the contamination to avoid fish kill. Generally speaking, Philippine Atovi Technology has that capability to restore the marine ecosystem in a span of approximately 1-4 weeks.
Philippine Atovi Technology applies to all kinds of fish, seaweeds, and shellfish :
Fish (Milkfish (Bangus), Tilapia, Carp, Eel, Pangasius, Lapu-lapu, and many others); High value fish (Ayungin, Biya, Gourami); Catfish &  other carnivorous fish; Shellfish (Crabs, Lobster & Shrimps, Abalone, Mussel & others); Seaweeds;  Ornamental/ Tropical (Aquarium) fish.





Poor marine ecosystem Brings back the natural marine ecosystem
High feed & medication consumption, slow growth period Less feed consumption, improves feed & medication absorption & utilization for fast growth
Low feed conversion rate, late harvest High feed conversion rate, early harvest
High mortality, lower production rate Higher livability, higher production rate
Low quality of breeds Genetic potentials enhanced
Weak in temperature & climate change Strong resistance against temperature extremes (hot & cold)
Polluted water due to excess feeds & fish fecal waste that leads to fish kill No pollution in water, no need to change water, just add water due to evaporation
Water depleted oxygen, need aerator Sufficient supply of Dissolved Oxygen, no need for aeration due to high population of planktons &, zooplanktons & other marine organisms.
High concentration of hydrogen sulfide Fast hydrogen sulfide neutralization to avoid fish kill
Fish meat with antibiotic, hormone & heavy metal residues Fish meat free from traces of antibiotic, heavy metals, hormone residues, organic & safer to eat
Short-lived while in transport Life support for fry/fingerlings in long distance transportation
High production cost Lower production cost
Red tide (toxic algae) Eliminates Red Tide, Bad Bacteria & other organisms
Fish meat dangerous to eat because of heavy metals from the water Flushes heavy metals like mercury on the cellular level
Prone to many diseases brought about by virus, bacteria, fungus & parasites: white spot syndrome virus, yellow head virus, skin disease, ice-ice, luminous bacteria, fin & tail rot, red spot disease, pop eye, scale disease, milk eye disease, aeromonas bacterial disease,  tricodina (protozoan parasites), gill-associated virus, shell disease, baculo virus, etc. No worry about the diseases brought about by virus, bacteria, fungus & parasites

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