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Prospects of the mango industry could be good but there are serious problems that have to be straightened out. It is very disappointing when your mango tree fails to produce fruit, or flower panicles result in fruit set failure. Sometimes fruits about to be harvested are damaged by insect pests or disease. If not, humid conditions during the time of flowering induce attack of anthracnose disease that destroys flowers and fruit set. So, more or less, the bottom line here is tolerance, resistance, immune system of the mango tree to go against these factors affecting their growth and fruiting ability.

High cost of inputs is another big problem for mango growers. A farmer has to buy the recommended inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, to at least have a chance to realize maximum production of high quality fruits which is very costly.

In the Philippines, these problems have been addressed by the technology and mango growers themselves who have tried and proven the benefits from using Atovi. One, it is an organic and fast flower inducer for mango trees. Flowers are protected from anthracnose, rain and insect pests until the fruiting stage. Taste is great, and naturally sweet. The fruit is undeniably firm and heavy. And most all, the tree has a high resistance from insect pests and all kinds of diseases.

How to use the technology in Mango growing:

  • During the land preparation, spray Atovi on the soil, preferably the planting hole.  Dilution: 1kg. Atovi : 1 Drum of Water,or 5 tbsp Atovi : 16 liters of Water.
  • In the afternoon (4-6pm), spray the “seedlings” with Atovi before planting and every week thereafter.
  • Before subjecting the tree to flower induction, it should be well fertilized and healthy. To induce flowering, see to it that the tree is physiologically mature. Maturity index can be determined through the color of the young shoots which changes from light reddish shoots to light green shoots. As flower inducer, spray Atovi thoroughly and directly to all the terminal buds. Unsprayed bud will not flower or flush.
  • There is no harm if the whole canopy including the top portion of the tree is sprayed with Atovi.  
  • Maintain the application of Atovi in the afternoon weekly, to avoid disease and insect pests in attacking the flowers and fruits.  With the weekly use of Atovi, the tree will be sturdy and firm against all fungus, bacteria, virus and harmful insects. No need to use fungicide, pesticides and insecticides.

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