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Defoliators are insects that feed on the foliage (leaves or needles) of forest trees. These insects harm trees by removing the chlorophyll containing tissues that are responsible for photosynthesis, the process by which light energy is captured by plants to produce food and energy. While many trees can survive defoliation that is minor or infrequent, defoliation can stress trees and make them more susceptible to attack from other insects and diseases. Repeated defoliation can kill trees.

Insect prevention and control begin with using good forest management practices to promote vigorous and healthy trees. Healthy trees are less likely to be attacked by insect pests than are weakened or sick trees. Some of insect-pests that attack forest tree are caterpillar (moth species) and bark borers.

 How to use the technology in Forest trees:

  • During the land preparation, spray Atovi on the soil, preferably the planting hole.  
  • Dilution: 1 kg. Atovi : 1 Drum of Water, or 5 tbsp Atovi : 16 liters of Water.
  • Spray the “seedlings” with Atovi before planting.

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