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Tropical fruits provide an important source of income generation for the locals in Tagatay in the Philippines.  Please credit: R. Rao/Bioversity International

For years, scientists all over the world have been working on developing a cure for fungal, viral and bacterial infections that could potentially wipe out banana plantations. Traditionally, infected plantations are treated with insecticides, chop trees and burn. But the problem is that it doesn’t kill the spores that are already in the soil, and doesn’t treat. It was learned that banana is much more vulnerable to diseases than to the insect pests. The diseases often occur in epidemic proportions and bring about catastrophic losses. Among the common diseases, namely Banana streak virus, Banana bunchy top Virus, Banana bract mosaic virus, Moko disease, Panama disease, Anthracnose, and many others. Many plantations in the country suffered losses because of this catastrophe from the viewpoint of banana growers who depend on this.

At present, Atovi is the only technology that could stop this catastrophe from the viewpoint of banana growers who depend on this. From the root zone up to tip of the leaves and fruits of banana tree, Atovi’s high micro potential energy will charge the whole cellular structure of the tree to eliminate traces of virus, bacteria and fungi, regain strength up to the cellular level, while repairing the damaged plant tissues and expel toxins from the plant cells. The technology will also recondition the soil to encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms that will inhibit and wipe out harmful bacteria, fungi and virus thriving in the soil, and help converts nutrients from organic forms to mineral forms.

How to use the technology in Banana planting:

  • During the land preparation, spray Atovi (Dilution: 1 kg. Atovi : 1 Drum of Water, or 5 tbsp Atovi : 16 liters of Water) on the planting hole.
  • Spray the “plantlets/suckers” with Atovi before planting, and every week thereafter for 1 month.
  • At fruiting stage, spray the technology on the underside of leaves and the root zone or plant base.
  • During early signs of disease and pest attack, spray whole tree with the technology. If possible, make a shallow cultivation on the root zone and spray Atovi directly to the roots, then cover again with soil.

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